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BioGro thrives off the many partnerships we have formed over the years - it’s important to us that we work alongside others with a common goal. If you think there could be a way we can work together, be sure to contact us, we’d love to have a chat!

Soil & Health Association

Soil & Health Association became the sole shareholder of BioGro New Zealand Ltd. after the Biological Producers and Consumers Association merged with the Soil & Health Association on 1st October 2016, after both memberships unanimously approved the merger in July 2016.


The Fair Trade relationship started officially in 2015 and continues on to now.  BioGro audits nearly all the Fair Trade locations in New Zealand and has trained two auditors to do this.  This allows BioGro licensees to have Fair Trade certification at a low price.  BioGro has subsidised this program for two years.

Vegetarian Society

The partnership with the Vegetarian Society is to enable BioGro customers with the V mark to simplify their documentation, as we check by a desk audit of the vegan or vegetarian status of ingredients on behalf of the Vegetarian Society to their standards.  It is a win for both organisations and the customers of both.

Biodynamics Association

Due to a restructure of the Demeter Certification, BioGro is offering our services and established platforms to provide Organic Certification to Biodynamic customers. Synchronising our systems will allow producers to hold two certifications with just one audit - and provides a gateway for those looking to export their great products overseas


Organic Aotearoa New Zealand (OANZ)

OANZ works as a national voice for organics, representing the interests of the New Zealand organic sector. BioGro has worked closely with OANZ as founding members, ensuring that we represent our licensees where possible. Donald Nordeng, CEO sat on the board for two years. He now chairs the Standards Working Group Technical Team and is responsible for their proposal back to the Standards Working Group, which is open to all community members.

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Organic Exporters Association of New Zealand (OEANZ)

OEANZ serves over 140 New zealand companies exporting certified organic products to 90 markets around the world. Donald Nordeng, CEO is Vice Chair of this Association, using his expertise and knowledge in this sector to contribute acting as a voice for BioGro licensees.

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BioGro is proud to be the only Australasian organisation accredited by NATRUE to certify health and bodycare products (cosmetics) as natural. Natural certification by BioGro provides consumers with the assurance and confidence that a health and bodycare product meets internationally recognised standards.