In which countries is the NATRUE label recognised?

There is no government regulation of natural cosmetics anywhere in the world which is why NATRUE certification is valued so highly. The NATRUE label guarantees that the product claiming “natural” is genuinely natural. The NATRUE logo is well recognized in EU, USA and Asian countries such as Japan.

Does NATRUE have any affiliations with other certification programs?

NATRUE has an affiliation with NSF/ANSI 305 in the USA for natural cosmetic certification. This affiliation recognizes each other’s auditing of natural cosmetic certification. Which means, if your buyer in the USA requests you to have NSF/ANSI305 certification, your BioGro audit report will be recognized by the NSF/ANSI305 program and won’t require you to have another audit.

How is NATRUE criteria established and maintained?

The NATRUE criteria were developed by the Scientific Committee Criteria and Label. This Committee is still operational; half of the permanent members are experts from NATRUE member companies and half are external experts from the conventional cosmetic industry. Key stakeholders (raw material suppliers, associations, international experts etc) are also invited to join these meetings as guests or observers in order to provide their perspective.

The Scientific Committee Criteria and Label meets regularly (4 times per year) to discuss and agree interpretation of the Criteria. The NATRUE Criteria is a dynamic standard, always updated and aligned with the most recent technical developments within the natural and organic cosmetic sector. Regular teleconferences are held with the NATRUE Approved Certifiers to assist in a harmonized interpretation and understanding of the NATRUE Criteria.

The NATRUE Criteria is available online at in six languages.

Do I need to have all my products certified?

At least 75% of your product range/brand must be NATRUE certified and/or BioGro certified organic. This is to avoid misleading consumers.

I’m already certified organic – why would I apply for natural certification to NATRUE standards as well?

BioGro’s organic programme applies to organic products only (i.e. an organic health and bodycare product must contain >95% organic ingredients or 70-95% organic ingredients must be labelled as “made with organic ingredients” as specified in BioGro’s Organic Standards). However, you may choose to market your products as “natural” rather than “organic”. You may also have customers in some markets that recognize the NATRUE certification logo in addition to BioGro’s organic certification. Both organic certification to BioGro’s standards and natural certification to NATRUE’s standards will provide consumers with the assurance and confidence that your products are genuine and meet internationally recognized standards.

How can I start the natural certification process?

Please register your interest or telephone +64 4 801 9741 to request an application pack.

What is the certification process?

Getting certified takes 5 simple steps.

Where can I obtain the NATRUE criteria (standards)?

The criteria are available from

How much does certification cost?

Please contact BioGro for a fee schedule via email or telephone +64 4 801 9741.

How long is my NATRUE certificate effective?

Your certificate is valid for 2 years from the date that a provisional certificate is issued.

What is a provisional certificate?

Once BioGro confirms that formulation of your products complies with the criteria and you sign the “Agreement on the usage of the NATRUE label”, you will be issued with a provisional certificate. You can then start to develop packaging which features the NATRUE logo. You will receive an on site audit by BioGro within 6 months from the date of the provisional certificate and a final certificate will be issued following a satisfactory audit.

How often do I need to be audited?

Although your certificate is valid for 2 years, you will be assessed every year. However, you only need to have an on-site audit every 2 years unless there are major changes to your products and/or operations. In this situation, BioGro will decide whether you will be required to have another on-site audit.

What if I would like to add new products after being certified? Do I need to be audited again?

If you submit additional product applications and if your management plan has already been audited during the current year (1st year), a second production audit may not be required. If additional product applications are submitted in the following year (2nd year), another on-site audit will be required.
What should I do if I make any changes to my formula and/or operations?

If you intend to change a formula, you need to notify BioGro. BioGro will assess the change and determine what actions are required. Even if it is a minor change, you are required to report it to BioGro so that we can keep up-to-date documentation. A major change may require a complete re-certification which may involve on-site auditing.

I am a brand owner and I contract to another company to manufacture my products. Who needs to apply for certification and to be audited?

You, as a brand owner, need to apply for certification. Your contract manufacturer will also be included in your application as a sub-licensee and they will be assessed by BioGro. Therefore, good, clear communications between the brand owner and the contract manufacturer is essential to obtain necessary information for the assessment. An on-site audit will be conducted at the place where the actual product is manufactured hence it will be at your contract manufacturer.

What am I able to use on my packaging once I become certified to NATRUE natural cosmetic certification?

You can use the NATRUE logo with the wording “Natural Cosmetics” and the words “Certified by BioGro (BioGro No. XXXX)”.