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Spreading Organic Goodness

For over 100 years, TranzAlpine Honey has been a family run-operation with Canterbury roots. The company produces organic honey, harvested from remote locations mainly near the Southern Alps. The honey is now exported to 22 countries across six continents.

TranzAlpine Honey has been certified by BioGro for over 20 years, but has been producing honey in the organic spirit since the beginning. Although they recently invested in state-of-the-art production technology, their traditional beekeeping and honey processing knowledge has been maintained.

We’ve stayed true to our historical organic intention, which spans four generations; the ‘old-fashioned way’ prevailed and is now our unique selling point worldwide."

Organically certified honey is unique because unlike standard farming practice, bees cannot be entirely contained. This is why organic honey certification stipulates that the beehives are situated at least 3km away from industry. This includes agriculture. We at TranzAlpine Honey need to be acutely aware of the activities of our neighbours and the environment surrounding the hives in order to maintain our certified status. Certification is a great way to alleviate potential consumer concerns around authenticity.

Exporting our organic honey to the global marketplace began in the mid ’90s. It was an obvious progression for us. New Zealand honey was becoming increasingly famous worldwide. Consumers were also starting to demand the benefits of organic food.

"Consumers are demanding less processed foods, and they want the traceability factor. Many consumers now also seek out organic food for a perceived cleaner taste without additives or chemicals.

Not only was there a market shift to organic food, but much around the same time, we noticed a shift to the ‘superfood’ health movement. The organic status of our honey –in particular manuka, and now propolis – fit the bill for health benefits too.

We were confident that we could tick all the boxes of this emerging new demand. Once we had perfected a mix of personal and digital marketing strategies, orders started flowing in from around the globe.

Our all-organic product range includes manuka honey, white clover honey, rata honey, NZ bush honey, kamahi honey, comb honey and manuka honey lozenges. In December 2016 we launched a propolis throat spray and tincture, and we continue to diversify the range.

For more information please contact Yuriy Soshnikov

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Address: 111 Stranges Road, Huntingdon, Ashburton, New Zealand