Non-GMO Certification

Non-GMO Certification is only available to BioGro Certified Organic licensees. It is not often known, but if you are certified organic, you already have the procedures in place to hold Non-GMO certification. If you are certified with us, please read below. If you are not currently certified, take a look at our Organic Certification options.


Useful Information


Expression of interest

Tell us you're interested in Non-GMO certification. We are available for contact weekdays between 9-5. The quickest route for contact is to register your interest. Alternatively, you can email us using or call us on 04-801 9741.

  1. We will ask you for payment following your expression on interest.

  2. Once payment has been made, we will supply the logos to you for your products and packaging

  3. We will require a copy of the product label(s) for us to approve before you go to print


The cost of Non-GMO certification is $295+GST as an annual fee.


At a minimum it can take 5 working days, with a maximum of 40 working days.