Goodbye - Licensee 5659

Goodbye is a Natural Health and Body Care brand that was created with a genuine love of the land almost 20 years ago. Becky and John were originally based in Glenorchy and Queenstown working as canoe guides on the Dart River.  Blends were trialed, the canoe guests gave their reviews, and Goodbye SANDFLY was formulated.

Sandflies were acknowledged by the pair as kiwi culture, and somewhat iconic, yet a remedy solution in the form of a natural product was appealing to their ever-growing customers. This soon branched into other product ranges including Goodbye OUCH that offered soothing manuka balms and sun balms. From the very beginning, Goodbye had an ethos to keep their products simple, beautiful and natural – turning to BioGro in 2016 for NATRUE Certification.

“Natural was the only way we could be. We both have a deep appreciation for the natural world and we were already growing biodynamically on a quarter acre section – it just made sense”

 Goodbye had noticed a general desire in the population to be healthier. Consumers have a more mindful approach to the foods they eat and the things they put onto their body. Brands attempt to fill this gap with claims that aren’t necessarily true and with the lack of education in this space it can be confusing for consumers. Becoming NATRUE Certified gave Goodbye a platform to build from, offering the consumer the confidence that the products are truly natural.

“Becoming certified allows us to talk about our natural message with substance, differentiating ourselves from other brands and putting us in a prime position to leverage that message.”

Choosing BioGro as their natural certifier made sense to Goodbye – there was already a partnership with BioGro to offer NATRUE Certification and is accepted by reputable stores such as Commonsense Organics and Huckleberrys.

“We wanted the highest standards we could find with a company based here in New Zealand, and BioGro is already an extremely respected brand”

Becky and John approached BioGro in June 2016 and achieved their certification within 4 months with the help of the efficient and knowledgeable BioGro staff. As new products began developing over the years, they were able to work alongside the same team who already had a great understanding of the brand.

“We formed a great relationship with the team and they’ve been excellent to deal with. Working under personal deadlines, they worked with our flow and were always available with quick responses when you needed them. There was a consistent willingness to support and celebrate what we were trying to achieve”

Goodbye recently had a successful meeting with Foodstuffs South Island who were on the hunt for natural sunscreen which is currently in high demand from stores. The natural certification provided category managers with the reassurance they needed to range these products in South Island stores. Becky and John now proudly display their NATRUE logo on all of the Goodbye products which are available across the country.