Natural Certification

BioGro is accredited by NATRUE to provide health and bodycare products with natural certification which meets an internationally recognised standard.

BioGro is proud to be the only Australasian organisation accredited by NATRUE to certify health and bodycare products (cosmetics) as natural. Natural certification by BioGro provides consumers with the assurance and confidence that a health and bodycare product meets internationally recognised standards. Verification of this is achieved through BioGro’s robust and independent certification process. For more information on NATRUE, please visit our Natural Certification FAQ's.


Below we explain how your NATRUE journey would look from start to finish.

Expression of Interest

Tell us you're interested in organic certification. We are available for contact weekdays between 9-5, with a whole team eager to help you. The quickest route for contact is to register your interest. Alternatively, you can email us using or call us on 04-801 9741. We also offer Initial Contact Meetings with a one-on-one consultation about whether certification is right for you.

Initial Assessment

BioGro work closely with NATRUE, to create an easy streamlined process to help you reach Natural Certification. Below is how this journey would look from start to finish.

  1. We will ask you to complete an application form, we will invoice you on receipt of your application.

  2. We assess your application document following payment of certification. If your products are confirmed as compliant, we ask you to sign a NATRUE Label Agreement and BioGro License Agreement. Once complete, you will be issued with a preliminary certificate.

  3. A BioGro auditor visits your manufacturing site to carry out an on-site inspection within 6 months of receiving your preliminary certificate.

  4. Following a satisfactory audit report, we issue you with a final certificate.


The annual cost of certification is $2,000 plus ingredient fees, auditor fees, a one off application fee and G.S.T (auditor fee calculated on region). For the NATRUE label usage fee (charged every two years by the NATRUE head office) please refer to the website.


This is dependent on a variety of factors that include supplying the correct documentation and auditor availability. At a minimum, it will take 40 working days.

What we will ask for;

  • Complete formulation sheet (product formula)

  • Complete approved raw material sheet (for all ingredients used in products)

  • Raw Material Data File (RMDF) for each ingredient, signed by manufacturer or trader

  • Non-GMO declaration for each ingredient (form available on request

Webinar Training

We regularly put on NATRUE webinar training for existing and new clients. The training covers the following;

  1. NATRUE certification procedure and application documents

  2. How to read the NATRUE labelling guide 1 (NATRUE criteria & annexes)

  3. How to read the NATRUE labelling guide 2 (Criteria for formula & raw ingredients)

If you are interested in signing up to the webinar training, please express all interest to

Goodbye - Case Study

Find out how start-up business Goodbye achieved their natural certification with the help and support of BioGro NZ