Natural certification

BioGro is accredited by NATRUE to provide health and bodycare products with natural certification which meets an internationally recognised standard.

Many consumers care about not only what they put in their bodies but also what they put on their bodies. Increasingly, consumers wanting to do the right thing are taken advantage of by products marketed under the guise of being “natural” when many bear little resemblance to what a consumer would either expect or would be allowed under natural standards.

BioGro is proud to be the only Australasian organisation accredited by NATRUE to certify health and bodycare products (cosmetics) as natural. Natural certification by BioGro provides consumers with the assurance and confidence that a health and bodycare product meets internationally recognised standards. Verification of this is achieved through BioGro’s robust and independent certification process.

Natural Cosmetics

Ingredients must be natural but they do not have to be organic (from organic production). Natural certification and the NATRUE logo assists consumers in being able to identify genuine natural cosmetics.

Natural Cosmetics with Organic Portion

At least 70% of natural* ingredients must stem from certified organic production and/or certified wild collection.

Organic Cosmetics

At least 95% of natural* ingredients must come from certified organic production and/or certified wild collection.

BioGro also has its own health and bodycare certification programme. Contact us to find out more.


Who is NATRUE?

NATRUE is an international non-profit association based in Brussels, Belgium. In 2007, several European manufacturers of Natural and Organic Cosmetics joined forces and founded NATRUE. Since then others have joined and NATRUE now represents a big part of the European Natural and Cosmetics market. NATRUE has one common goal, to promote and protect natural beauty and skin care products. The NATRUE criteria is set to a high standard and the NATRUE label strengthens consumers’ trust in natural cosmetics.


What is the difference between “BioGro-certified organic” and “BioGro-certified natural” for health and bodycare products?

Certified organic and certified natural products both contain natural ingredients. The main difference is the type of raw materials used. Certified organic products must contain at least 95% certified organic ingredients (that is, ingredients that have been produced in compliance with organic standards). A product that is certified natural must contain natural ingredients but those ingredients do not need to be certified organic.

Any other ingredients in certified organic or certified natural products must be permitted in BioGro’s Organic Standard or NATRUE’s criteria. This can include non-toxic and environmental-friendly, synthetic preservatives and surfactants. GMOs, petrochemical based materials or any harmful-toxic chemicals are NOT permitted in certified organic OR certified natural health and bodycare products.


What does the NATRUE label guarantee?

Any product featuring the NATRUE label guarantees a consumer that the product has been produced using:

  • A soft manufacturing process (ie one that avoids unnecessary synthetic processing)
  • Environmentally friendly practices
  • No synthetic fragrances and colours
  • No petroleum derived products (paraffin, PEG, -proplyl, -alkyl, -etc)
  • No silicone oils and derivatives
  • No genetically modified ingredients (complying with EU organic regulation)
  • No irradiation of end products and botanical ingredients
  • Products may not be tested on animals