Marketing resources

BioGro has developed a range of marketing resources to help raise public understanding of organics and the different programmes and services that we offer.  We are in the process of developing and modernising our resources.


Logo Update 2017


FAQ Document

To bind all our logos with a cohesive and fresh look, and maintain the integrity that comes with the certification seals, we understand that you may have many questions following this announcement.

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How to use the certification seal

It is important, and in everyone's interest that the certification seal is being used in a correct manner. The 'BioGro logo use requirements' document covers all requirements which must be adhered to in order to meet the regulations. Also see the 'Labelling guidance' for some visual aids.

Download the 'BioGro logo use requirements' document
Download the 'Labelling guidance' document

What you can say when talking about certified organic

Organics is a trend that has been quietly gathering steam over the last few years, especially amongst younger generations. Attitudes towards sustainability and organics are changing for the positive. The growth and expansion of new industries including cosmetics and health & body care has significantly contributed to this.

There is much evidence to suggest that consumer demand for organic produce will only continue to increase. We believe it is a critical time for everyone in New Zealand’s organic movement to come together using clear and cohesive messages for consumers – organic is better for your health, the environment, animal welfare, wildlife, supporting local producers and it is a product you can trust.

The central premise of this document is to help consumers make informed choices about products and services, based on accurate information. This document contains key messages and statements for assisting you in promoting your certified organic products and services.

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Dairy certification resource kit

Organic farming is a holistic system of agriculture which aims to operate sustainably and in harmony with nature. The founding premise of organic farming rests in optimum soil management to produce healthy crops and livestock for healthy, nutritious food. Organic farming is sometimes also referred to as biological farming or ecological farming.

Organic production is based on positive management systems which aim to reduce or eliminate the need for most agricultural chemicals. Organic food is produced without the routine use of synthetic agricultural
chemicals such as fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, growth regulators and soluble fertilisers. But it is much more than spray-­free or residue-­free.

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Resource Order Forms

Gate signs

BioGro's branded gate signs are an impressive and professional way to announce to visitors that your property is certified organic. Designed to last in all weather conditions, gate signs are made of an aluminium composite panel with a PVC core and features your unique BioGro number.

One gate sign is supplied free of change to newly certified BioGro licensees.

Stickers and labels

The BioGro logo as an adhesive label is available in two sizes. These handystickers can be used to promote products as BioGro-certified.

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