The BioGro logo is the most recognised organic logo in New Zealand and carries with it international renowned in wider export markets including Asia, Europe, Australia and the US.

Our clients carry the BioGro logo on their products to assures their customers that the organic produce they buy has been made without Genetic Modification, animal cruelty or the routine use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides.

Registered Products Programme (Organic Winemaking)

Registered Products Programme (Organic Winemaking)

2015 saw the launch of the BioGro wine additions programme and in 2016 we’ve made it faster and easier to create, edit and get approval using our online tool. Wine additions need to be approved before vintage starts, so login to My Business to get instant approval for registered products.

Please note: if you’ve already sent through your additions in an Excel spreadsheet, you can still use our online tool for a quicker approval process.

For winemakers a full list of registered products can be found on the BioGro website (use ‘wine addition’ as your search term). Any non-registered products will need to be accompanied by supportive documentation.

Suppliers can register their products with BioGro for a cost of $15 + GST. Getting your application in means products can be added to the list of registered products available to winemakers. Applications need to be received by 1 April 2016..

Guidelines on using the online tool are attached, alternatively get in touch and one of the team can help.

I am a winemaker…what can I expect from BioGro’s Registered Products Programme?

What is a Registered Product?

For a product to be registered, suppliers provide documentation directly to the BioGro office. The assessment is completed and the compliance of the product with the relevant export market requirements is confirmed.

As a certified organic winemaker, you will be able to apply for wine additions through BioGro’s Registered Products Programme from 2016 onwards. These products will be listed on our website and approval will be given automatically – without any further information being requested.

Each non-registered products will still need to be assessed and approved before being used. Supporting documentation will need to be provided to BioGro by individual winemakers in order to obtain approval.

How do I obtain approval to use a Registered Product?

For those that are familiar with BioGro’s Online Inputs Tool for farms and vineyards, a similar online system is currently in development on the BioGro website specifically for wine additions.

The online search tool will allow you to find a Registered Product by searching a brand name, a supplier’s name, or a type of product (e.g. yeast). The compliance of the product with the relevant markets and any restriction for use will also be displayed. An online approval tool for Registered Products is also being developed. Certified wineries will be able to select Registered Products and get automatic approval. Registered alternatives should be used if available. However if there is no Registered Product suitable for use, certified wineries will be able to request approval for non-registered products by manually entering information in the online approval tool.

A list of registered suppliers and guidelines to use the online search tool and the online approval tool will be sent out to certified wineries as soon as available.

I am a winery supplier…how do I get involved?

As a winery supplier, you can register your products with BioGro for up to 2 years. Interested suppliers should get in touch with us as soon as possible in order to ensure the registration process can be completed before the 2016 vintage.Additional information and applications form can also be obtained from the BioGro office.

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