The BioGro logo is the most recognised organic logo in New Zealand and carries with it international renowned in wider export markets including Asia, Europe, Australia and the US.

Our clients carry the BioGro logo on their products to assures their customers that the organic produce they buy has been made without Genetic Modification, animal cruelty or the routine use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides.

BG 5429 WSOP: Millefeuille News

BG 5429 WSOP: Millefeuille News

Millefeuille - when Parisian beauty meets Kiwi purity

After a 30-year career in the cosmetic and health sectors, founder of new organic beauty brand Millefeuille, Patrice Bacle, has decided to invest effort in developing products that combine both French refinement and the unparalleled organic “savoir-faire” of New Zealand.

Organic beauty business is currently enjoying a double-digit annual growth and many young brands are emerging to compete against the chemical products of cosmetic giants. However, after several years of researching the world market, Patrice Bacle became convinced that, amongst all these new products, something was missing. According to this Head of Development, who was in charge of the 2008 acquisition of the French organic cosmetic brand, Melvita, by L’Occitane for tens of millions of Euros, no organic brand has yet succeeded in positioning itself in the glamour universe of Lancôme, Estée Lauder or Shiseido.

And it is not by chance that the French entrepreneur has been interested in natural products: as far back as the 80s, he was part of the development of Pierre Fabre’s «Eau Thermale d’Avène» brand, created from natural spring water. Marketing Director at the time, he saw the brand grow to 30 products and in a few years become the leading cosmetic brand in France.

Based in Nelson for the past three years, he has been developing a strategy which uses the local skills known internationally for the processing of natural raw material, such as the production of natural Astaxanthin by Nelson based Supreme Biotech’s company, to develop a significant range of leading-edge products, while packaging them luxuriously to meet the Asian markets’ surging consumer demand for high end truly natural cosmetics.

The first success came in December: he managed to certify 26 of its products with BioGro, one of the most challenging organic certifications in the world, a record since this is the largest range of products to ever be certified for a launch in New Zealand.

To manufacture the products Millefeuille, (a thousand leaves), Patrice Bacle trusted the natural and beauty benefits of some 130 active ingredients identified around the world. They abound in New Zealand; the Millefeuille beauty range includes the world’s purest spring water from Takaka in Golden Bay, extracts from the Totara tree, widely known for their anti-bacterial compounds or from natural New Zealand Astaxanthin, an alga used for the first time ever in organic skincare, the world’s most powerful natural anti-oxidant, which protects the skin against external aggressions. Hence, Millefeuille’s tag line « infusing world beauty » takes on its full meaning with this global approach.

After the launch in April of its website, Millefeuille is getting into its next phase of development; very selective retail in New Zealand, Australia, and Asia; the main target, a brand store development with other products around the same concept and an online campaign to sell direct to the customer.


Millefeuille is an authentic New Zealand made beauty collection that combines the glamorous French heritage of style with New Zealand’s spirit of discovery and eco-conscious culture: a high end (Biogro) certified organic skincare collection that women wear, but furthermore, a unique range not only topical but also imbibable; the first natural, luxurious New Zealand beauty brand.

New Zealand’s pure environment, its biodiversity and skill in natural product processing was a logical choice and made it the perfect location to source exceptionally pure ingredients of unique quality and efficacy.


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