The BioGro logo is the most recognised organic logo in New Zealand and carries with it international renowned in wider export markets including Asia, Europe, Australia and the US.

Our clients carry the BioGro logo on their products to assures their customers that the organic produce they buy has been made without Genetic Modification, animal cruelty or the routine use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides.

Sowing The Seed: Purebread Distributes Organic Seeds To Schools

Sowing The Seed: Purebread Distributes Organic Seeds To Schools

Purebread, BioGro’s first certified organic bakery, has successfully distributed over 100,000 packets of organic seeds to schools throughout New Zealand as part of their Organic Education Programme.

The programme has been running for over five years to educate New Zealand kids about organic gardening, food production, sustainability and healthy living.

Around 80 schools around New Zealand are now involved including 30 on the Kapiti Coast.

Purebread says that their education programme is “one small way we can help protect our environment and ensure a healthy future for our kids.”

Hannah Zwartz, the Kapiti Coast’s Green Gardener has been working closely alongside Purebread to support schools, kindergartens and preschools with their gardening projects. Hannah selects the types of seeds for the participating schools to grow.

She said, “as part of the project we do a lot of beans, carrots, zucchini, spaghetti squash because they’re easy for kids to plant, not fiddly and they’re satisfying and yummy. The kids just love it.”

The seeds used in the programme are sourced from Kings Seeds, another BioGro certified licensee.

Supplying organic seeds to participating schools is a central part of the programme.

Seeds that have the BioGro logo have been made without GMO, animal testing, the synthetic use of pesticides and other chemicalsff

Schools and community gardens that want to get involved in Purebread’s Organic Education Programme can go to

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