Initial contact meeting


If you or your business are new to organics, our initial contact meetings are an opportunity to learn more about the certification process and how you can benefit from it.

How do the initial contact meetings work?

You can choose between an on-site visit or a skype meeting. An initial contact meeting typically runs from 1-4 hours.

A BioGro team member will either visit your property or operation to gain a better understanding of your business. While there they’ll review the full certification process, answer your questions and assess how viable it is for your property or operation to become certified. If you are particularly busy, we can arrange a skype meeting instead with one of our expert certification officers.

As a part of the initial contact meeting we will also provide you with a personalised evaluation report and application pack.

How much does an initial contact meeting cost?

The first hour of an on-sight initial contact meeting is $150 + GST. Beyond the first hour, any subsequent hour will be charged at a rate of $138 + GST.

A skype initial contact meeting is $90 + GST - generally speaking these will take up to one hour. You will not be charged extra if the meeting runs over this time.

If you apply for certification within three months of the initial visit, we will deduct 33% of the initial contact meeting fee from your application for certification.

These meetings are typically scheduled around a BioGro auditor being in your area. However, if you would like to schedule a visit at short notice or in a remote area then you will also be charged any associated travel costs for the auditor to attend.

Apply for an initial contact meeting

To apply for an initial contact meeting, please get in touch using our contact form.