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About BioGro

We certify and accredit over 820 producers, farmers and manfacturers across the nation. Combined our auditors have 80 years experience in organic certification, with an expert team of certification officers ready to help.

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Current Licensees

Let us take you through our timeline of licensees up to August 2019. There is such a range to choose from that we've segregated them out by sector - most are linked to their website too!

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About Organics

The term organic is often misconstrued and we are frequently asked questions regarding what this terms means. Delve into our FAQ guide to help you understand more.

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New Zealand’s leading organic certifier since 1983, with the nations largest database of organic farmers, producers and manufacturers from here and across the Pacific. We aim to simplify organic certification through innovation allowing producers to display NZ’s most trusted organic logo, giving consumers trust in the mark of a genuine organic product.