Less By Nature

A family start-up was created when owners of Less By Nature noticed a gap in the market. Following the birth of their first born, they began to question what was being put onto their child's skin. Because of this they started searching for natural or organic Health and Bodycare products available to mothers and babies and realised this was lacking here in New Zealand. Through their research, they noticed a lot of market greenwashing took place with brands claiming to be organic or natural with no certification to prove this. Knowing that this is misleading, and realising they themselves were also greenwashed - Less By Nature were determined to stand out from the crowd with a claim that is trustworthy, turning to BioGro to provide Organic Certification for their products. 

The research phase of Less By Nature products began back in 2015, with product development taking place in 2016. As a start-up, costs associated with the business itself can be challenging and even more so when looking for a Third Party Agency to certify your products to organic standards. They approached BioGro New Zealand at the beginning of 2017, and it was recommended that Less By Nature use BioGro's initial contact meeting that is available to anyone looking to be certified. 

"For a small cost, their experienced auditor took us through the difficulties and challenges of certification, so we could analyse if it was possible for us to go through with it."