Hansells Masterton

BioGro Number 5036


Hansells Masterton Limited is a food manufacturing and packing specialist with over 80 years of experience in the food industry. Established in 1934, Hansells Masterton started packing flavouring essences and rapidly expanded producing a wide and varied range of products over the years.

Since its beginnings, many changes have occurred over the years, but the operation site remains based in Masterton. Many Hansells products are still produced here, and we are a trusted contractor for many other food brands

Obtaining organic certification made sense to the owners and allowed Hansells Masterton to widen its appeal as the organic sector began to take off.

Today, our focus is on dry powder blending and packing which includes the following; soup, beverages, drinking chocolate, desserts, curries, baking ingredients etc. We have the ability to pack powders into a varied range of packing formats that range from 1g to 25kg.

Our flexible production runs are what works best for our customers and we also provide packing services for dry mix dairy products, hot fill liquids and cold fill liquids.

Over a decade ago, we were approached and contracted to pack a range of organic coffee and tea. Providing this service for organic products requires a rigorous process with strict requirements and discipline. It is important as a manufacturer that handles both conventional and organic produce that there is no risk of contamination to the organic product.

We approached BioGro due to its best-known organic certification profile, and now we are assessed and audited once a year to maintain their high-level certification standards. Our onsite technical team also ensures your product will always meet the highest quality standards – alongside organic, we have certifications for HACCP, GMP, Dairy RMP, WQA.

We have built up our export relationships over the years, that see our packed products get shipped to Australia, Pacific, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK. We most recently acquired a set of brands in 2019 that now belong to Hansells Masterton including; Kapiti Kitchen fruit cordials, The Goodness Café syrups Motel Café syrups and Supreme milkshake syrups, slushies and ice cream toppings.