Green Trading

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Green Trading Business started almost 8 years ago by married couple Rohan and Komal Patel. Both born and raised in India, natural products were a major part of their upbringing, as they vividly recall their grandmothers making natural beauty products within the home. After moving to New Zealand in 2003, their passion began as a nightmare due to the diagnosis of leukaemia for their son in 2004. Thankfully their son made a full recovery, yet the family made a decision  to change the way they live and this was only the beginning of their organic health and beauty product range – Green Trading.

Our products are heavily inspired by our past generations, as we turned to them for guidance on the natural products used to cure our illnesses as children. The research we gathered eventually turned into some profound knowledge and we subsequently wanted to share this passion and offer it to others.

We started our business from scratch by creating recipes and formulas that formed some great natural lifestyle products and healthy foods. Komal is an Organic Formulator and uses her expertise to bring these products to life, as I (Rohan) use my marketing and finance knowledge to make sure they get onto the shelves for you all to try.

All products are made with care and we ensure that all our suppliers are working in safe organic production environments with fair wages. Most products include a unique ingredient called ‘Neem’, also known as ‘miracle tree’ in India due to its endless benefits. Our organic products are available to people, pets and plants.

We have been certified organic with BioGro NZ since 2015, and with such a complex process the customer service offered is extremely important. Certification is not just a symbol, it’s a trust mark between the supplier to its customers.

We now know that certification brings an enormous difference to a buyer when they are purchasing organic products. Our business has definitely improved due to BioGro Organic Certification

We started selling here in NZ, and have since started exporting in Australia, Hongkong with regular orders from the Netherlands, USA and Canada. With the help of our son who is now working within our growing business, we will continue to produce with the highest ethical practices and continuously working to reduce our carbon footprint.

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