Claimed vs. Certified Organic


Unregulated Market

In New Zealand, there is no government regulated protection of the word 'organic'. In countries where there are regulation, you cannot label your product as organic unless it meets specific requirements. Due to the unregulated market here in NZ, if a product does not have organic certification, we would recommend you question the authenticity of the organic claim, especially in supermarkets. In some cases, products can claim themselves as organic, but can in fact be far from it.

Greenwashing is often used, by promoting a produce as more 'green' and environmentally friendly than what is true.

Certified Organic

Organic certification means that the producer has complied with a set of standards overseen by a certifying organisation.

1. Certified organic products are those that have been produced, stored, processed, handled, distributed and marketed in accordance with precise organic standards

2. Certified organic products have been audited and accredited by a trusted certification body

3. Organic certification is one of the worlds most secure and widely-used traceability system

4. Certification logos on a products packaging verify that an organic product is authentic