Annual reports

Each year we produce an Annual Report to keep our licensees, members and supporters up-to-date with BioGro's growth and developments. 

2016: Download the full report
2015: Download the full report
2014: Download the full report

Highlights from the 2016 report


Online OMP

Our key focus of our strategy is to improve our services, first we tackled updating our renewal process to bring this online for primary producers.

In September 2015 we had many kiwifruit producer volunteers test the system with us. We were able to use their feedback to updated the tool.  

Completing the fantastic tool we call our online OMP (organic management plan) gives the licensee complete control of their OMP online and simplify the renewal process. In the next fiscal year we will take all the current client data for all primary producers and input that into an online OMP.


Customer service

Our initial contact meeting program, our wine additions program and focus on customer solutions are three of the ways we have emphasised customer service over the past year by making it easier for new licensees to
become certified.

We had 17 initial contact meetings in the last fiscal year with four of those already certified, another 11 are still in the certification pipeline.

Our wine additions program is a certification program that registered 12 new licensees to be BioGro approved wine addition suppliers and be listed on the dashboard of our certified wineries.


Un-bundling organics

To continue to grow the organic sector and the certification process, we have looked to identify areas of the organic offering that can be unbundled and offered to customers. We have identified three areas, animal welfare, environmental management and non-gmo verification of ingredients. While the organic sector is where our roots are we need to look at growing outside of our own sector to attract growers and consumers to organics.

To help us with this, we have also invested heavily both in OANZ and OEANZ in the areas of a national regulation for organics with both groups and getting equivalency with the US with OEANZ.