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With a background in commercial growing and livestock, John Morris couldn’t help but notice that the chemicals being systematically pumped onto the land only resulted in weakened soil and lessened production.

Originating in Tauranga, Agrissentials was born to provide fertilisers that bring health and vitality back to soils. The Best on earth Organx fertilisers have been certified to BioGro's inputs for organics programme for over 20 years and have over half a dozen representatives across the country to help its customers.

In my younger days, I was a commercial grower and ran livestock. I followed along with the system the agro-chemical companies laid out for us which resulted in pumping more and more chemicals onto my land, which supported those companies but ultimately weakened my soil and lessened my production.

I started researching other ways of doing things. What I learned was that I needed to fertilise in a way that would build the natural mineral content along with the microbial life, lift my worm count - and get life back into my soil as nature intended it.

From there I began developing fertilisers that are designed to bring health and vitality back to soils. We see topsoil and water as the two most precious resources on our planet, together with micro-organisms, natural minerals and sunlight. Our products are packed with minerals and are microbial rich. They are live products and are ready to go to work in your soil, whether you’re a farmer, a grower or a lifestyler.

Right from the very beginning I felt very strongly that it was important to become a certified input for organics. BioGro NZ was a natural and easy choice for me, I agreed with their philosophy and values, and being recognised and accredited internationally is a further benefit as we move into the Japanese and US markets.

We’ve been BioGro certified since 1995 and very much value the integrity of BioGro as the benchmark for organic production. 

With our BioGro inputs certification our customers can rest assured they are getting products that have gone through all the checks and balances on an annual basis ensuring the authenticity of our products.

We love what we do. Our goal is to bring health, vitality and wellbeing back to the soil, for a cleaner, greener more natural environment for all. Connecting to the positive is what our lives are all about!

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