Why Choose Organic?


1. Health

Organic food is real food. It is made without synthetic colourings, preservatives or additives and is not genetically engineered or altered in anyway. There is an intricate link between food production systems, the food we eat and our health.

2. Protecting the environment

Organics safeguard water quality, soil quality and help to mitigate climate change.

3. Animal Welfare

Organic certification is mirrored with some of the highest levels of animal welfare. Anything that is organic, would be using free-range practices and beyond.

4. Traceability

Organic certification is one of the world's most secure and widely-used traceability system, meaning you can trace what you are eating from farm to fork.

5. Authenticity

There is transparency in everything a certified organic producer does. Everything is documented, assessed by a certification officer and an audit is carried out once a year. The certification logo holds integrity and promise to its consumers.