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We are New Zealand’s leading organic certification agency. Our logo is synonymous with certified organics. It appears on many well-known organic brands and products seen on retail shelves today.

BioGro is the certification arm owned by the New Zealand Biological and Producers Society. We were founded in 1983 to protect producers, consumers and the word ‘organic.’ New Zealand is an unregulated organics market which means anyone can claim their products as organic or natural even if they’re far from it. 

Our licensees carry the BioGro logo on their products so their customers know that the organic produce they buy is genuine and made without GMO, animal testing and the routine use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides. 

BioGro's certification standards and programmes are trusted and recognised throughout the world. We have taken steps to gain international accreditations so we can continue providing overseas market access to our clients. We now carry nine international accreditations. 

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Message From The CEO

Read the latest organic update from BioGro's CEO, Donald Nordeng.

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Dung Beetle Helps Improve Soil Health

Discover how dung beetles are being used to improve soil health and replenish New Zealand's pastoral land.

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Vanuatu Cyclone Recovery

BioGro is partnering up with organisations in the Pacific to provide support and aid to Vanuatu's communities including six BioGro certified farmers.

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Producer Profile

Retro organics1

Retro Organics (BioGro No.4900)

Retro Organics has made its mark on the judges many a time. In March 2011 the Gore-based cheesemakers were awarded three medals at the Jersey World Conference Cheese Awards then just a few weeks later scooped another three medals at the National Cheese Awards...

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